Investment Director

Yoeri Mochtar


Yoeri studied law (LLM, LLB) and political science (BSc) at the University of Amsterdam and history (MSc) at the London School of Economics. During this time he also worked at the Dutch embassy in Syria and later at Schiphol Group.

After graduating at the LSE, Yoeri started his first role as a strategy consultant at the London office of Kaiser Associates. After having spent 5 years abroad, he moved back to Amsterdam to join the team of ABN AMRO Participaties.

As investment manager Yoeri is responsible for sourcing and engaging with investment opportunities and helping realise growth during the investment period. Yoeri is (has been) involved with: Kuiken, Bollegraaf, Suitsupply, TenCate, PCI Nederland, Lyanthe, Telecombinatie, Mieloo & Alexander, and Eikk Onderwijsgroep.

Portfolio Management