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The Robotic accounting platform of Lyanthe provides the highest automation grade available in the market. Lyanthe digitizes invoices & tickets, has workflow management, and robotizes the financial administration. Lyanthe is, as a technology firm with a SaaS solution in the pre-accounting domain, a trusted partner in innovation for accounting firms, fintechs, corporates and banks. With the Lyanthe platform, efficiency is increased unprecedentedly, and by that a solution to the scarcity of bookkeepers and accountants is offered.

Lyanthe was established in 2012 by accountants and developers, as a spin-off from a Dutch accounting firm. It is one of the fastest growing technology firms in robotic process automation (RPA) and has ~650 employees. In March 2022, Lyanthe became part of the Visma Group.

“The strength lies in the users simplicity. Because we provide a seamless fit with the banking environment and are able to combine multiple technologies that can digitize and categorize bills and invoices with (almost) 100 percent accuracy. This basically concludes your bookkeeping."

Rainier van Vlokhoven
Managing Director
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