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Lindenhaeghe is a fast-growing and market leading education, training and exam institute for (financial) professionals. A majority of its end customers are bound by the obligatory Wet op het Financieel Toezicht (Wft) education, which requires financial advisers to be in possession of the prescribed Wft certificates. With its wide range of Wft education, Lindenhaeghe provides the financial services sector with qualified and skilled professionals. The Lindenhaeghe curricula is developed in-house and offered both online and offline in more than 45 locations throughout the Netherlands. The high quality and personalisation of its curricula results in an above-average success rate and rating among its end customers. With its own IT platform, both self-employed professionals and large groups of employees of top tier institutions are provided (compulsory) education to optimise their advise.

"After an intensive 'journey' to find a partner, we have deliberately chosen for Capital A. Because of their size, network and expertise we can jointly continue to grow to our next phase."

Mike Schilperoort
Director & Founder
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