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DataChecker has over 10 years of experience in online verification of personal and company details, both in the Netherlands as well as internationally. DataChecker advises its clients and partners on the range of possibilities for the identification of people and/or organisations.

The ID-verification software of DataChecker enables the verification of the authenticity of every type of passport, identity card, residence permit or drivers license within the regulatory framework. To ensure this, DataChecker uses a unique combination of usability, safety and support.


Identity verification

"Due to our ambition and belief that the platform can still grow strongly the coming years, we have chosen a financial partner to be at the helm of our development and the subsequent follow-up steps. Partly due to corona, we are witnessing an online revolution. More and more identification must take place online and remotely. We are currently growing by 50% a year and want to continue this growth through a buy-and-build strategy. Capital A has a proven track record in this area."

Walter Codée
Strategic Advisor & Founding Partner DataChecker
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