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ARVOO is a developer in the field of complex digital image processing through the use of artificial intelligence and develops both the hardware and software in-house. This image processing technology is used for various applications, including ARVOO's developed camera system, ScanGenius, a leading and globally used camera system with accompanying software used by local municipalities and government authorities for digital parking enforcement.

Furthermore, ARVOO develops ANPR cameras and associated software that can be used for various applications, such as access control, detecting illegal and hazardous traffic situations, enforcement at the boundaries of low emission zones, as well as within the agricultural sector.





“In recent years, we have worked hard to transform ARVOO from an innovative project organization into a focused product organization. Today, we are proud to announce that, along with investor Capital A, we will continue to build the future of ARVOO. Our new partner will support us in the process of further globalization and expanding our business, a path we have already embarked on in recent years. This step makes us more agile and grants us access to a strong network of professionals who assist companies in building and growing.”

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