11 March 2022

Floor Geelen joins the Capital A team

Floor Geelen joins Capital A as an addition to the investment team

We are proud to announce that Floor has joined our investment team.

Floor on her decision to come work for Capital A:

"After two years of working at PwC, at both a compliance- and a real estate department, I decided to move to mergers & acquisitions. As a graduation internship I was able to joing an Amsterdam-based M&A boutique, where I could join the team as an analyst after finishing my internship and where I learned a lot regarding the acquisition process during my two years there. However, I had always been interested in the investment side and eventually, I wanted to join a private equity firm. Capital A immediately appealed to me due to the ambitious and entrepreneurial work environment. After meeting the whole team, I decided to transfer to Capital A as of January 1st, 2022. I like it even better than I expected and look forward to applying the knowledge I gained in this new environment!"