30 August 2023

ExtraVar joins the growing portfolio of Capital A

ExtraVar joins the growing portfolio of Capital A

ExtraVar has attracted Capital A as its new majority shareholder for the next phase of the company's growth, during which ExtraVar aims to continue and accelerate its strong growth trajectory with, amongst others, a buy and build strategy.

ExtraVar has built an outstanding reputation in advising and managing the IT infrastructure of companies in the Netherlands. With a team of 25 dedicated professionals, the company achieved a revenue of nearly 70 million in 2022. ExtraVar's clients can continue to rely on the familiar faces and the same level of service and expertise they are accustomed to.

Director Dennis Zandbergen commented on this surprising development: "I have enjoyed my time at ExtraVar for 25 years, but I believe that the aspiration to achieve qualitative and quantitative growth can be better realized by my successor, Paul Massaut, in collaboration with Capital A. Together, they will be able to further realize the future plans of ExtraVar as a full-service ICT partner."

With the support of Capital A, ExtraVar aims to achieve further growth, evolving into a role as a full-service IT service provider, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. This move provides ExtraVar with the opportunity to expand its service offerings and strengthen its position as a reliable and proactive player in the Dutch market.