08 November 2022

Lindenhaeghe merges with Hoffelijk

Portfolio company Lindenhaeghe merges with Hoffelijk Groep

The merger of the companies creates a strong brand with unique characteristics. Lindenhaeghe and Hoffelijk both work quality-driven, have a strong culture and strengthen each other in this. In addition to a shared customer focus, the companies are complementary in a number of areas. For example, Lindenhaeghe has had a large group of content course participants for years, but the training provider was faced with a major challenge and investment in the area of further development of IT architecture and systems. Hoffelijk made these very investments in recent years and was looking to expand its market share to continue making such investments. The merger provided a solution to both challenges.

The outcome of the merger is a training provider that is the best in every field. Trainees can count on strong online, classroom and blended offerings where they can choose what they prefer. Companies are better supported with a broad training offer focused on the professional competence of their employees. They can use Hoffelijk's platforms for this purpose.

The new Lindenhaeghe

Wesley van 't Hof (Hoffelijk) on the merger: 'With the new Lindenhaeghe, we want to create impact. Hoffelijk was founded to further improve the quality of financial services. The new Lindenhaeghe can play an even more important role in this, based on a broader vision of competence for financial professionals. With more decisiveness and therefore with even more added value.'

Ewald Bary (Lindenhaeghe) on the merger: 'It's great to see the bond between colleagues. Entrepreneurship is central: everyone is quality-oriented and supporting customers is what it's all about. Hoffelijk and Lindenhaeghe have always valued each other as competitors, over the past few months we have been working toegether intensively and have discovered more and more similarities.'

Special merger website

Over the past period, relations have been informed personally as much as possible. To involve everyone, the new Lindenhaeghe has set up an extensive merger website. Here, customers and other stakeholders will find additional information, frequently asked questions, interviews and updates around the merger and integration. Wesley van 't Hof: 'Because we have been preparing for the merger for a year, we can now complete the internal phase and bring everyone into the enriched vision of the new Lindenhaeghe. For both (former) Lindenhaeghe and Hoffelijk relations there will be a lot of recognition.'


Lindenhaeghe has a 5-member management team. Besides Wesley van 't Hof as General Director, Edwin Deijs will be Commercial Director, Thomas van Gorkom Operational Director, Arthur van Wijk Financial Director and Anouk Dros Marketing Director. Ewald Bary - former General Manager of Lindenhaeghe - will step down. Ewald Bary: 'In recent times I have put a lot of energy into shaping the merger. Now is the time for me to take the next step in my own career. I am proud of what we achieved with Lindenhaeghe over the last few years and the way in which we have all prepared for the merger. I have strong confidence in the future of Lindenhaeghe. Hereby, I would like to thank all relations and colleagues of Lindenhaeghe for their trust over the past years.'

For all information about the merger, please visit https://fusie.lindenhaeghe.nl.