16 June 2022

Capital A accelerates growth Ambitious People Group

Capital A accelerates growth Ambitious People Group

Amsterdam, June 16th, 2022 - Investment company Capital A has taken a majority stake in the Ambitious People Group, an international recruitment consultancy operating with five brands in six countries.

With this investor, Ambitious People Group is investing in further digitalization of its business model and will further shape its international buy-and-build strategy. Managing director Dennis Grefkens: "We are ambitious. It is in our name and it runs in our DNA. We are therefore pleased and proud that we have found an equally ambitious, renowned investor in Capital A, with whom we can accelerate our growth strategy. Together with Capital A, we are investing in further digitalization and are looking at the opportunities that a buy-and-build strategy can bring. For example, we started already discussions with a takeover candidate."

Five brands, six countries

The current shareholders and management of Ambitious People Group will remain on board. In fact, two board members will join additionally as shareholders. Grefkens: "We believe in our growth plan in which we focus on further digitalization, opening new offices and brands and acquisitions. With Capital A at our side, we can give this a boost."

Continuing ambition

Ambitious People Group has five specialized brands: SAM Recruitment, Ardekay IT Recruitment, LMH Engineering, Four Life Sciences and Five Finance. With nearly two hundred employees and twenty-four offices, the company is located in six countries, with its headquarters in Amsterdam. Ambitious People Group was awarded a FD Gazelle for ten consecutive years. That is an award for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Grefkens: "We have doubled our turnover every four years. Together we will accelerate that growth path further."

Strong growth

Jurcell Virginia, Partner Capital A: "We are very impressed with the strong growth that Ambitious People Group has shown year after year. They have created a platform that enables them to open new (international) offices and launch new brands in no time. The sales mentality that prevails in the company enables them to get the right cv at the right client the fastest. We are excited about the partnership with Dennis Grefkens and the management team. Together we will continue to focus on digitalization, accelerated international growth and buy-and-build."

Leading player

Ambitious People Group got connected with Capital A via Turnpoint Finance. On behalf of the sellers, Turnpoint Finance worked very intensively over the past few months on this transaction. Joost Kruizinga, Partner Turnpoint Finance: "We have great respect for the way Ambitious People Group has been developing into a leading player in the recruitment market who puts the candidate first. This has led to great results and Capital A is the right partner to facilitate further growth. We also thank the team of Capital A for the excellent cooperation. It has led to this great result. We wish the shareholders and staff of Ambitious People Group all the best for the future."