02 March 2023

Brainsquare enters into partnership with Capital A

Brainsquare enters into partnership with Capital A

Brainsquare Group – the Belgian IT service provider with a worldwide presence and customer base – has recently teamed up with Capital A, a Dutch fund providing capital and expertise to allow an accelerated growth. The group is now ready for a new chapter, ready to build new customer partnerships and to deepen the partnerships with its existing customers.

“The fact that we have showed up on their radar makes me a proud CEO,” says Mark Van Hamme. “Their experts recognize the quality of our work, the choices we made, and above all our excellent entrepreneurship and growth potential. But in the end, what made me decide to join forces is their added value and focus as a partner for growth.”

Capital A were especially impressed by the track record of Brainsquare and Montova, being a trusted IT provider for international customers with business relations that often go back twenty years. Robin Janssens, investment manager with Capital A says: “When we first met Mark and the team, we immediately felt their drive and ambition to further grow and professionalize their organization. An organization that is sustainably driven by the growing trend to outsource software development and to provide interconnectable software solutions. We furthermore see a huge potential to leverage on Brainsquare’s offshore capabilities and to increase their cybersecurity offering. We are therefore looking forward to assist Mark and the team with their growth trajectory, both organic and acquisitive.”

Apart from their capital investment, Capital A also brings in business expertise. They have a stake in about 40 companies with comparable size and profile, access to a broad network, and an extensive experience in fostering companies and management teams, bringing them to the next level. With this additional help, Brainsquare Group is ready to substantially grow its activities: Brainsquare itself, but also Montova and Auditry.

“I’m convinced that this step will prove beneficial for both our employees and our existing customers,” adds Mark Van Hamme. “We now have even more options to realize our ambition: to be a profitable and fast-growing service provider able to set up long-term, trusted partnerships with leading customers who seek trust and stability in a world where dependable IT people and services have become hard to find.”